Lawsuit Filed to Enforce Oregon Janitor Protections

As of January 1st, 2018, all janitorial employers in the State of Oregon were required to obtain a license to...
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Recent News

Concerns, Scorn for Standard Insurance at their Volunteer Expo

Standard Insurance talks about how they “act with compassion,” and have a “culture of caring.” They host events, such as their Volunteer Expo in downtown Portland, to attempt to demonstrate their commitment.  Janitors and their supporters questioned Standards’ commitment to Portland after they chose to eliminate 15 good union jobs […]


Promotora Movement Grows, Oregon Begins Training

A group of immigrant janitors in California are changing the janitorial industry from the ground up. On June 24th, over 100 janitors, mostly members of SEIU United Service Workers West, celebrated graduation from Promotora trainings. The trainings covered the prevention of sexual harassment and assault, as well as certifying janitors […]


Taking a Stand at Standard Insurance

For over 20 years, Standard Insurance Center and Standard Plaza have invested in a responsible union janitorial company to keeps their offices clean. Janitors in the buildings had good jobs, earned fair wages and had access to affordable healthcare. In July, Standard made the decision to switch to Millennium Building Services, a non-union […]


Our Campaign

As the national movement for good jobs and fair wages swells, janitors, security officers, and airport workers from across the country are standing up to raise standards and improve jobs for all workers in our communities.

Locally in Portland and SW Washington, janitors, security officers, and airport workers have joined together to raise standards, improve jobs, and highlight the issues associated with irresponsible janitorial and security contractors such as high-turnover, low pay, lack of dependability, lack of affordable healthcare, and all-around lower standards.

By using responsible contractors in their market, building owners and other clients of subcontractors can take steps to ensure that subcontracted workers hold safe, good jobs and are treated with respect. Responsible contracting reduces the risk of labor disruption and lowers turnover—thereby increasing efficiency and workplace stability—by providing fair wages and benefits that workers deserve.