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    Harrison Square: New Owners, New Problems?

    After decades of being cleaned by a Responsible Union Contractor, the new owners of Harrison Square made the hasty decision to switch to Expresso Building Services. This is the same Expresso Building Services that is currently being sued for their alleged failure to obtain a license to provide janitorial services in Oregon until 18 months after they were required to do so by Oregon state law. Developing story as we learn more.

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    Unico: Investing in our Community

    Unico Properties has joined the ranks of several other high-profile owners and management firms by choosing a Responsible Contractor to clean Montgomery Park. After Unico purchased Montgomery Park in April 2019, the company decided to cancel its contract with Millennium Building Services, a janitorial company where workers have been speaking up about low wages, lack of access to insurance, and lack of access to earned sick time.

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    Portland Janitors ready to win as they look to bargain 2020 contract

    A regional gathering on November 8 brought together over 70 Portland-area janitors to plan a campaign to win a ground-breaking contract with their employers in the coming months. The janitors are part of the 3,000 janitorial members of SEIU Local 49 in the Portland metro area. Although they are employed by many different janitorial contractors, their wages, benefits, and workplace protections are all under the same “Portland Metropolitan Area Master Collective Bargaining Agreement” set to expire June 30.