Good Jobs Leaving Umpqua Bank Plaza

Recently, Chicago-based Zeller Realty Group bought the Umpqua Bank Plaza building and decided to switch janitorial contractors, bringing in one with a documented history of paying low wages and benefits. Now janitors in this building – like Maria Jimenez – are threatened by the possibility of losing their good jobs. If Zeller wants a new janitorial company to clean Umpqua Bank Plaza, it has several options that are responsible union contractors.

“My name is Maria. I just had a baby and because I work for a union janitorial company with affordable healthcare, I did not have to pay a lot. I was also planning to care for him at home for 12 weeks. Now, I am able to support my family with the fair wage I earn. But when contractors change, the janitors in a building are no longer guaranteed the fair wages and benefits that come with responsible contractors.”

-Maria Jimenez, Able Janitor cleaning Umpqua Building, 9 years

Keep good jobs in this building.

A new janitorial company is supposed to start July 15th. Contact the Property Manager, Melissa Batchelor, at and (503) 412-4824 to let her know that you want the building to stay with a responsible union contractor.