In 2018, take the guesswork out of choosing your cleaning & security contractors

Just like the nation’s largest real estate owners and managers, you probably rely on outsourced security and cleaning services to keep your building—and business—running safely and smoothly. Unfortunately, we know not every service contractor can be trusted to deliver value for both their clients and workforce.

In response, folks just like you—property owners, managers, pension funds and more—have adopted responsible contractor policies to better inform their decisions when hiring security and cleaning professionals.

This year, to help you navigate the long list of potential service contractors, we have developed an easy-to-use online tool——which rates security and cleaning companies based on various responsible business practices, taking the worry out of the hiring process.

Using responsible contractors—those who pay fair wages and benefits and prioritize health and safety measures—adds clear value to your business by improving the quality of service delivered every day,

lowering workplace turnover, cultivating workforce stability and retaining a highly skilled, motivated and professional workforce.

So this year, take the guesswork out of choosing your service contractors. Visit to view the most up-to-date list of contractors in your area and stay informed regarding rate changes and important news that could affect your business.