Nike Janitors Vindicated by State Agency Findings

After state enforcement action triggered by worker complaints, Millennium Building Service (MBS) appears to have had to correct some of its ways.

Millennium janitors clean buildings throughout the Portland area, including buildings at Nike World Headquarters, Daimler Trucks of North America, some buildings at Portland State University, and downtown office buildings.

Millennium janitors filed complaints with Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) in September alleging wage theft, underpayment of wages, and denial of legally protected sick time. BOLI already found that Millennium was not in compliance with the law protecting sick time for at least one janitor who cleans at Nike World Headquarters. Other wage and hour complaints against Millennium are still pending.

Janitors opened their mail last week to find a notice from their company with an updated sick time policy. One even received a check for back wages.

Others have reported feeling intimidated by managers after their complaints were filed, but that has not deterred workers on their path to a union.

John Funderhide, an MBS janitor at Nike said, “This is a step forward in our campaign to form our union with SEIU Local 49 and raise standards in the janitorial industry. I’m pumped!”