Enhancing Security: Union Security Officers Serve Key Role in Portland’s Essential Services Districts

Portland cityscape

Union officers are restoring safety and vitality to Portland’s commercial districts.

Union security officers with GardaWorld and Securitas Security Services are on the frontlines of the effort to improve public safety in Portland’s Essential Services Districts (ESDs) and commercial business districts. Portland’s Essential Services Districts are a collaborative approach to enhancing security in our commercial business districts. Portland’s existing ESDs span downtown and the Central Eastside and use a multifaceted approach to public safety that includes a partnership between Portland Police officers and private security officers. 

With union-guaranteed living wages, affordable benefits, and important worker protections, these companies can maintain a stable and experienced workforce capable of meeting the challenges of our recovering urban centers. With their extensive training and commitment to public safety, Garda and Securitas officers have become trusted guardians of Portland’s urban landscape. 

Advocating for City-Wide Expansion 

Portland’s Essential Services Districts have been leading the way towards restoring Portlanders’ pride in our region. But there remains untapped potential for further improvement. Expanding these districts city-wide could extend the benefits of enhanced security to all corners of Portland. 

By broadening the geographic scope of ESDs, Portland can create a more comprehensive security framework that would not only improve safety and security for businesses, residents, and visitors, but could also open new possibilities for community collaboration.  

Strengthening Security Partnerships 

Increased collaboration among security contractors could help strengthen safety and security in downtown Portland by harnessing collective expertise and resources. Through coordinated communication and joint training exercises, union security contractors could create a seamless security and response network that could effectively address incidents more quickly and effectively. 

SEIU Local 49 is committed to supporting the development of collaborative security partnerships among union security contractors that could enhance the efficiency of security operations while maximizing safety benefits for commercial building owners, tenants, downtown residents, and visitors.