Your office is re-opening, do your tenants feel safe? Responsible Union Contracting can help.

As tenants question returning to the office, your choice in a janitorial vendor can have a big impact. Say good-bye to the shared candy bowl and ping pong table with shared paddles. Beyond office redesign many tenants first question is about janitorial service. As tenants mull over scope and frequency of cleaning, another thing to keep in mind is the benefits that your janitor may or may not have.

  • Does your janitor have access to adequate sick time so they can stay home if they are ill?
  • Does your janitor have access to affordable healthcare?
  • Does your janitor have legal protections to guarantee that if they or a coworker tests positive for COVID the proper precautions are taken?

If they are Union, they do. Check out to find out how your current vendor ranks.