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    Harrison Square: New Owners, New Problems?

    After decades of being cleaned by a Responsible Union Contractor, the new owners of Harrison Square made the hasty decision to switch to Expresso Building Services. This is the same Expresso Building Services that is currently being sued for their alleged failure to obtain a license to provide janitorial services in Oregon until 18 months after they were required to do so by Oregon state law. Developing story as we learn more.

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    Lawsuit filed to enforce Oregon janitor protections

    As of January 1st, 2018, all janitorial employers in the State of Oregon were required to obtain a license to provide janitorial services. Oregon janitors in SEIU 49, the janitors union, filed a lawsuit last week against Expresso Building Services for failure to obtain a license as a janitorial employer. Our understanding is that Expresso continued to operate as an unlicensed janitorial contractor in Oregon for nearly 18 months, only applying after receiving an inquiry from state investigators who were following up on an anonymous complaint. Janitorial service clients may closely watch the suit, as Oregon law also requires anyone who receives janitorial services to inspect and retain a copy…