Federal Charges Filed on Millennium at Nike World Headquarters

“My coworkers and I are committed to winning better jobs. Today, we filed a charge with the NLRB to defend our rights from threats and intimidation, because when our supervisor threatens our jobs or our hours, they’re threatening our families.” – Laura Sixtos, Millennium Janitor who cleans Nike buildings

Millennium Building Services is one of the janitorial companies that cleans Nike World Headquarters, a sprawling campus spread across 400 acres in Beaverton.

Millennium previously had gained attention recently after janitors it employs at Nike spoke up about concerns on the job, prompting investigations by BOLI. One worker received back pay after reporting to BOLI that she was denied access to paid sick time after an on-the-job injury.

Last week, Millennium janitors who clean Nike buildings filed a charge with the National Labor Relations Board, a federal agency responsible for investigating and enforcing federal labor law. The charge alleges that Millennium made threats of retaliation and actually retaliated against janitors who are trying to make improvements on the job.

Along with janitors across Portland, Millennium janitors who clean Nike buildings are speaking out and calling on building owners and property managers to choose responsible contractors. Choosing a union contractor is the best way to ensure that workers’ rights are protected, and that workers have a fair process to resolve issues that may arise. To find out more about responsible contracting, and find a list of responsible contractors, visit responsiblecontractorguide.com.