Security Officers Call Out US Security as Employer Plagued by Workplace Issues

In a recent poll by Stand For Security, guards from California to Texas to Florida weighed in on their experience working for US Security Associates.

More than 65% of officers who completed the poll cited issues with US Security not respecting and listening to the employees who guard the sites the company is hired to protect. In addition, 60% noted issues with their paycheck.

“I worked for US Security and had a bad experience. We didn’t get any support from management or higher-ups in the company and it was consistently the lowest paid security detail. In addition, they often hired officers with questionable backgrounds. I believe US Security’s hiring practices did not meet the kind of standards we should have in this industry for hiring reliable and trustworthy officers. I ended up leaving the company.”
-Officer Myers

Over 50% of the guards who took the poll expressed concerns with inadequate on-the-job training. And 29% reported issues with discrimination and sexual harassment while working for US Security. Lastly, over 75% of officers polled said they would not recommend this company for protection services and used words such as “incompetent, unprofessional, disorganized, deceitful and disrespectful” to describe US Security.

“I was a field supervisor for US Security, and they were a very unprofessional company. They had me work over 40 days in a row, and when I took my approved time-off for my partner’s surgery, they kept calling for me to come in while I was caring for her. Then they tried to switch it and say they didn’t approve the time-off after all. Needless to say, I ended up leaving because of their conduct and treatment of officers.”
—Security Officer Rosa