Spotlight on Daimler at Prosper Portland Board meeting

When Daimler Trucks of North America received up to $20 million in city and state subsidies to construct its new headquarters, the company committed to bringing good jobs to Portland as part of the deal.

Because Daimler’s janitors are employed by subcontractor Millennium Building Services, and subcontractors aren’t covered by the good jobs commitment, their jobs aren’t required to meet the criteria Daimler agreed to follow. Janitors are asking Daimler to follow the spirit of their commitment and to help raise job quality standards for subcontractors.

On October 25, MBS janitors brought their concerns to a public meeting of Prosper Portland’s commissioners, since Prosper Portland invested millions in Daimler’s HQ. They requested the agency ask Daimler to practice responsible contracting. Prosper Portland has offered mediation services, but Daimler has refused, and continues to rebuff dialogue with janitors.

Janitors were shocked by Daimler’s response when a community delegation went to the headquarters in June to discuss janitors’ job quality. Daimler staff refused to accept a letter addressed to their CEO, and threatened to call 911.