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    Spotlight: Public Protests Highlight Troubling Developments at Brewery Blocks 1 and 4, JP Morgan’s Questionable Contracting Decisions

    It is time for business leaders like J.P. Morgan to reimagine what Portland can be by investing in good, union jobs in our community. J.P. Morgan Asset Management owns commercial buildings Brewery Blocks 1 and 4 in the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon. Their property management team recently terminated its janitorial services contract with a responsible union contractor and instead awarded the contract to Millennium Building Services, a company with a worrisome track record regarding its working conditions.  The union jobs provided by responsible contractors ensure that commercial real estate owners, tenants, and investors enjoy high-quality building services delivered by an experienced and highly trained workforce. In contrast, eliminating union…

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    The good, the bad, and the ugly: how CRE decisionmakers are standing up to COVID-19 – or not

    Shorenstein Realty Services, Unico Properties, Nike, and Intel are stepping up to ensure that the essential workers who clean their properties—janitors—are able to support their families during this crisis and are helping to mitigate the health risks and financial impacts of COVID-19 by investing in responsible union janitorial contractors.

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    Nike Janitors Confront Nike to Do the Right Thing

    Janitors who clean the buildings at Nike World Headquarters went to property management last week demanding that Nike hold the contractors that they hire accountable for their actions. Janitors who work for Millennium Building Service (MBS) previously called on Nike to put a stop to the bad actions of MBS at Nike, but Nike has failed to act, even while a federal investigation continues over alleged illegal retaliation by MBS managers against workers speaking out. A growing group of janitors are ready to take action to hold MBS at Nike accountable. A large group of janitors crowded into offices at Nike headquarters asking Nike to use a responsible contractor for…

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    How Daimler Trucks Stole Christmas

    Daimler Trucks’ headquarters received a surprise visit this holiday season: Millennium Building Service janitors and supporters who stopped by to sing Christmas carols, modified with messages Daimler needs to hear. Instead of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” they sang, “We’ll Fight for Living Wages!” and other modified holiday classics. Despite the light-hearted approach, Millennium janitors and supporters rose serious issues and made it clear they won’t stop fighting until they win a union. Recently, Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) responded to Millennium janitors’ complaints regarding alleged retaliation for the use of protected sick time, and denial of access to protected sick time. Multiple MBS worker complaints with…

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    Portland janitors step up their call on building owners to practice responsible contracting

    Millennium Building Service (MBS) janitors, who clean the offices of major corporations and institutions across Portland, filed complaints with the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) on Wednesday, 9/20, alleging wage theft, underpayment of wages, and denial of legally-protected sick time. A group of janitors visited the BOLI offices asking for action to reclaim back wages and recognition for their rights on the job. MBS janitors clean buildings at Nike World Headquarters, Daimler Trucks’ North American Headquarters, and office buildings owned by Portland State University. As part of Raise America PDX actions, community supporters signed onto a letter asking why companies like Daimler and Nike, which received massive public…