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    TMT Development, Stoel Rives, Face Lawsuit Over Janitorial Contractor

    After years of trying to reach out in other ways, janitors are now speaking to TMT Development, and its president, Vanessa Sturgeon through a lawsuit. On the morning of June 14, as workers across the country held demonstrations to celebrate Justice for Janitors Day, SEIU Local 49 filed a lawsuit in Multnomah County Circuit Court seeking a declaratory judgment showing TMT Development to be in violation of a binding agreement they signed. SEIU Local 49 alleges that TMT Development committed to contracting for janitorial services with a company whose employees are represented by a union.

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    Opportunity Zone Breakfast Interrupted for Good Jobs

    TMT breaking promise leads janitors to speak out during panel discussion Developers planned a breakfast to discuss the new “Opportunity Zones” created by Trump Tax cuts. They planned to hear from Vanessa Sturgeon, the informal spokesperson for Opportunity Zones in Portland and President of TMT Development.

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    Attention on TMT’s Misdeeds Growing

    Weeks after Investors Alerted to Potential Risks Associated with TMT Development, News Breaks Highlighting Record of Irresponsibility. Park Avenue West Tower’s developer and major tenant, TMT Development, has been drawing attention in Portland, but not in the way it might want.  In late February, investor alerts highlighted risks associated with possible failure to live up to its lending agreements, possible failure to meet requirements of its city covenant, and possible exposure to liability under ORS 658.465.  The attention to TMT comes while an associated entity, Sturgeon Development Partners d/b/a Opportunity Development Partners is seeking financing for major projects in Portland and Salem, Oregon.  This week, TMT’s controversial record of flouting commitments landed it in an exposé in Willamette Week and followup…

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    Lenders, City Notified of TMT’s Questionable Practices; Community Takes Action

    High-Profile Owner of Park Avenue West Tower accused of violations of city covenant Park Avenue West Tower’s completion marked a turning point for Portland commercial real estate. For years, the open foundation was seen as an eyesore and reminder of the great recession. In 2016, TMT proudly opened the mixed used high rise in downtown Portland after a redesign helped attract new investment. As part of the permit approval process for their redesign, TMT Development and Park Avenue West agreed to a binding covenant with the City of Portland, including a commitment to contract with responsible union janitorial companies to clean the commercial portions of the building. To date, TMT…