Standard Insurance tenants report a drop in quality after switch to Millennium

Several months after switching to Millennium Building Services for its night shift janitorial services, a recent tenant survey at Standard Insurance Tower and Plaza found that 60% of respondents feel that the night janitorial quality had gone down under the new contractor. 

The higher wages and benefits offered by responsible contractors are an important way of ensuring greater retention of an experienced workforce, and Standard continued using a responsible union contractor for their day shift janitorialBut Standard did not appear to have the same concern for their night-shift janitors, some of whom had been cleaning Standard’s buildings for nearly 20 years.

Some highlights – or lowlights, in this case – from the recent survey include:

“[The new contractor is] not removing trash that is not in the receptacles, but clearly trash. The floors used to be mopped regularly in our kitchen, if not daily.”

“The bathrooms don’t seem to be cleaned as often or stocked as well as they were before. We’ve run out of toilet paper and soap and paper towels on multiple occasions.”

Standard talks about a culture of caring, yet their decision to eliminate good jobs for janitors in their building sends a very different message. Janitors and their allies are calling on the Standard to invest in a Responsible Union Contractor.